About the company

(In the middle ages) the carpenters - like bricklayers and masons - used to wander around the countries, changing their working sites. They carried around new construction methods and adapted them to the local needs. ”

 quote from F.Kopkowicz ”`Polish carpentry”


Building  ecological, low energy wooden houses based on the traditional carpentry is the passion that gave rise to the company Just Wood It founded by Julien Croisier. The company was inspired by the experience and ideas gathered while working many years in France and Belgium and by various American and Austrian projects.

We cooperate with Austrian company Thoma Holz and we regularly contact American Timber Frame Guild. Yet we operate in Poland, exploiting rich Polish tradition of wood construction.

Our team is made up of professional carpenters and construction designers. We also cooperate with architects and wood technologicians.

We use the most modern equipment and design technologies. We can also work traditionally with manual tools and methods.

We explore the best in traditional and modern carpentry.


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