Thoma Holz 100

JUST WOOD IT specialising in building sustainable and environmentally friendly wood construction decided to partner the company Thoma Holz and is proud of this decision.  Indeed, the Thoma Holz 100 solid wood panel technique is undoubtedly what is best in terms of timber construction.


The principle is very simple, the solid pegged wood panels holding the world record in thermal insulation consists of a core of vertical beams 60 to 80 mm thick onto which are pegged on both sides, multi-layer softwood boards 20 to 50 mm thick, horizontally, vertically and diagonally and this without any glue, nail and no chemical preservative.


The panels ranging from a 12 to 36.5 cm thickness consist only of pure wood from sustainably managed forests, cut down "off-sap" in the right moon in the winter time,  that way accumulating periods (vegetative and lunar cycles) during which the wood is naturally dryer and therefore naturally more durable.


Today our efforts tend more and more towards sustainable development, which is why we are really pleased to offer the Thomas technology, either in its entirety (walls, floors, roofs) or only in exterior walls for the construction or extension of your buildings for an healthier and extremely robust result.


You can find more information by contacting us or reading the following sections.




Strong Points:


  • Healthy living.
  • Comfort.
  • Heat insulation.
  • Cooling duration.
  • Moon wood
  • Costs.
  • CO2 footprint.
  • Energy balance.
  • Installation time.
  • Radiation shielding.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Noise protection.
  • Protection from the elements.
  • Top fire-protection values.
  • Variety of styles.




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