A house is coming to live


Architectural styles and tastes vary. The Thoma Holz100 system gives you (nearly) all the architectural design freedom. The shape stable wooden parts fulfil every wish - from a private house with the modern low energy level to commercial buildings for innovative and cost-concious businesses.

The maximum span of the ceiling: up to 7m (at 500 kg/m2 and just 25cm ceiling thickness); round and rectangular windows; door and roof mounting made easy with precise CNC milling. Problem free combination with metal, stone, glass, ceramic, or simply the breathing Holz100 surface. A single raw material for all joints - architects and customers find a new freedom of personal expression with the Thoma Holz100 system.

Construction is now more than ever a matter of individual decisions, and one's home reflects one's personality. Never before were there so many various trends and styles functioning together, so many possibilities to shape one's immediate surroundings while pursuing one's interests and habits, as well as one's private preferences and crazy ideas, which make it all special.



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