Holz100 – 100% wood – single raw material

Pure, solid wood – untreated and free from poison – for optimal indoor climate, breathing walls free from mould and condensation, and for the environment. No shrinkage thanks to wood dowelled cross-laminated construction, no leakages, no thermal bridges. Risk reduction to ZERO.
Your advantage:

  • A house that breaths with all its parts.
  • 50 year mould and condensation resistance guarantee

Natural health – healthy living

Cosy living in 100% pure natural wood also means no poisonous emission from glues, wood "preservatives" or other chemicals. Living in solid wood brings about harmony and relaxation, slows down the heart rate and boosts our immune system. Restorative sleep at its best.
Suitable for allergy sufferers due to fungal resistance of moon timber and solid wood's natural reduction of house dust.
Your advantage: Health – 100% free from chemical emissions (glues, wood preservatives etc.)

Feel-good climate – cosiness – long cooling time

The large bulk of Holz100 makes it possible: pleasantly warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. Holz100 ensures compensation of temperature and humidity fluctuations. This means unique natural air conditioning which is only possible with walls, roofs and ceilings made of 100% wood. Holz100 means equally perfect insulation, storage and buffering, so that each Holz100 house becomes an oasis of well-being. The system wood Holz100 achieves the best wintertime results with its cooling time (up to 360h).
Your advantage: Measurable well-being parameter exceeding the state-of-the-art technologies.



Wood from the right moment

Only renewable, PEFC certified, locally grown timber harvested at the right moment is used for Holz100. This wood offers nearly no nutrition for pests. It is thicker and, therefore, naturally more durable.
Your advantage: Durability and recoverability for generations the natural way.

How does it work?

Square timber and boards are layered vertically, horizontally and diagonally into compact assembly parts. Dust-dry beechwood dowels penetrate the layers throughout the entire wall unit. At their new location, the dowels absorb residual moisture and swell up to connect non-detachably to surrounding wood,  inseparable like branches and their tree. They powerfully bind single parts into massive units.
Your advantage: Mechanical binding rather than chemical one is a substantial improvement to the woodwork.

Planning, assembly and time of completion

Walls, ceilings and roofs can be provided in depths from 12 to 36.4cm. Based on individual planning and client requirements, a detailed wood plan is prepared, that makes a high level of prefabrication possible. Grooves and cut-outs for electric wiring, windows, doors and other constructional requirements minimise the effort needed at the building site and help save money. Thanks to dry construction, there are no waiting times, no building moisture, and as a result - no mould formation.
Your advantage: Variety and individuality instead of a catalogue, shortest completion times instead of building moisture and mould.



Energy saving house – thermal insulation

Wood as such is a good insulation. Holz100 is even better, approximately twice as good as solid or glued wood. That's how it's easily possible to have large wooden houses at a low energy level, despite relatively slim walls (30-40cm including the outside formwork. The Holz100 houses with their world record in thermal insulation are energy saving houses, minimising the heating costs.
Thermal transmittance of a 36.4cm thick Holz100thermo wall is λ = 0.079 W/m*K.
Your advantage: World record in thermal insulation.

Radiation shielding

Holz100 nearly completely protects against high-frequency radiation (e.g. emitted from mobile telephony masts) and offers the house inhabitants exposure-free living with all the advantages of the earth's magnetic field.
Your advantage: A protected oasis of relaxation.


It is now more important than ever to be able to withdraw and relax undisturbed (e.g. by noisy road or air traffic, businesses in the neighbourhood, children playing music in other rooms).
Also in the field of soundproofing Holz100 re-defines "feasibility" time and again. Thanks to double-layer walls and adjusted ceiling constructions the implemented solutions by far exceed the requirements of the standard.
Holz100 double-layer evaluated soundproofing Rw = 63 dB.
Your advantage: Surrounded by pure wood, enjoy a deep, healthy sleep. Fill up on strenght and peace at your own home.



Fire safety

3 to 5 times better fire safety than half timber/ baloon frame as well as reinforced concrete or brick ceilings. 150 (!) minutes of exposure to flames at 900 to 1000 Centigrade could not deprive Holz100 of its static load carrying capacity.
With this Holz100 exceeds all standards by far.
Thoma Holz100-wall  36.4cm thick: REI 120 min. or F 90 fire resistant
Thoma Holz100-wall  17cm thick: REI 60 min. or F 60 highly fire retardant
Your advantage: Safer than reinforced concrete.

Earthquake, storm and flood safety

Holz100 houses survived numerous earthquakes in Japan without any damage, defied the strongest storms in German coastal regions and could be inhabited after being flooded, as they suffered no damage worth mentioning.
This system also opens new and fascinating possibilities for engineering multi-storey buildings, including the housing and property sector.
Your advantage: Relaxed and safe when facing forces of nature.

Breathable and windproof

Holz100 has a diffusion resistance of µ = 37.2, which according to sd corresponds to the following: e.g for a 17cm thick Holz100 - diffusion equivalent air layer thickness is 6.3m (according to EN ISO 10456 vapour diffusion resistance of solid wood µ = 50).
The increased breathability combined with the wind tightness of Holz100 result in a multifunctional solution - a building material that doesn't require elaborate layer arrangement in walls.
Your advantage: Windproof and breathing at the same time.



Holz100 density

Many indoor climate factors, e.g. the changes in room and surface temperatures in response to heating, the cooling time after switching the heating off and the susceptibility to overheating depend on thermal storage mass of the building material. Massive walls compensate for unstable thermal conditions. The density of Holz100 is approx. 445 kg/m3.
Your advantage: The true quality of living comes from the wood mass.

Patent - and brand protection - approval

The international Holz100 patent is a guarantee that there are solely original goods offered under the brand Holz100.
Your advantage: The original straight from its inventor.

Carbon balance and primary energy consumption

The energy consumption for manufacturing Holz100 is very low. Compared to brick or glued wood-based materials, no energy wasting furnaces or chemical glues are necessary. For this reason, and because Holz100 walls are made exclusively of renewable raw materials it is possible to build a house carbon free and environmentally friendly.
Your advantage: A clear conscience. Holz100 – the only house factory using solely solar energy.



Holz100 – an award-winning system

All product properties of Holz100 have been certified by renowned research institutions, e.g. the Universities in Vienna and Graz, University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, Fraunhofer Institut Stuttgart, Institute for Fire Protection and Safety Research in Linz.

Public authorities have many times given awards to Holz100 in the fields of innovation, ecology, business efficiency
and social engagement: the Austrian chamber of Commerce, Research Promotion Fund (Forschungsförderungsfond), Chamber of Labour, The Kathy Beys Foundation (Aachen), the federal states of Salzburg and Upper Austria...

The official recognition of Holz100 is not only an "honour", but also a task to continue consistent work in future.
last but not least - the first GOLD certificate for a cradle-to-cradle building system.
Your advantage: Development 20 years ahead.



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