Moon timber


Thoma operates the by far biggest in Europe moon timber sawmill. The trees are harvested exclusively during the hibernation of trees, when the moon is descending.
Moreover, the tree trunks are all sourced from local forests with PEFC certified sustainable planting.
Professor Zürcher experimented for many years at the ETH Zürich with moon timber.
He was able to point out a number of relationships between the cell processes and the rhythm of the ascending and descending moon.

This ancient tradition of the right harvesting time for the best durability of the wood, its resistance against fungi and insects, was already well known to old wooden building cultures. In Japan there are the oldest wooden buildings in the world (1600 years) - made of moon wood.
To sum up: Moon timber is no miracle, and it's no superstition. It certainly is a link in a whole chain of quality shaping steps in the wood processing. Reports on 1000s of years of human experience show the many potentials for usage.

Our goal is to build the healthiest houses from sustainable wood. Wood preservatives or toxic glues are out of place.
Moon timber is a naturally durable raw material. The rhythm of Nature saves the human the disadvantages of toxic chemicals. This is why your Holz100 house will be made of pure moon timber.



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