Air conditioning

Compared to other building materials, Holz100 has outstanding heat storage capacity, and therefore cools off very slowly. A Holz100 house is not only warm in the winter, but also stays pleasantly cool in the summer. The summer heat penetrates very slowly from the outside to the interior, as does the heated air from the inside to the outside.


Holz100 consists of 100% unglued and chemically untreated wood, grown in local, sustainably managed forests according to old wisdom, in order to harvest at the right moment...

Earthquake safe

The Holz100 system with its panel units is not a rigid or stiff one in terms of static analysis. The wall structure made of dowelled parts, in case of an earthquake results in a flexibility demonstrating outstanding resistance to horizontal accelerations that occur during an earthquake.



Thermal insulation

Solid wood provides very good insulation, and the Holz100 units with their internal, thin air layers are even twice as good. You can install them without additional insulation material. Holz100-thermo has a certified thermal conduction coefficient of 0.079W/mK, which is a world record among the most important building materials.


The THOMA Holz100 system consists exclusively of the renewable raw material wood. The natural swelling and shrinking of wood has no detrimental effect on Holz100, due to its cross-layered structure.


From the building-physics point of view, the Holz100 building parts consist of only one material layer (wood), and have no boundaries between different layers which could mean varied vapour permeability and condensed air humidity. There is no necessity for vapour insulation materials. Wood breathes in all its parts!




Holz100 walls are windproof on their surface, due to multiple layers of solid wood.

Fire safety

REI 120 min.: A solid wood construction resists flames longer than any other building material. The supporting core layer of a Holz100 wall is well protected at the wall's centre. In case of fire no poisonous vapours are released, and there is practically no increase in surface temperature on the side opposite to the fire. Holz100 walls are used as fire walls.


Holz100 offers excellent airborne and impact sounds, as solid wood is heavy. Special requirements can easily be met by adding special structures as a two-layer Holz100 sound-absorbing wall.



Radiation safe

The solid wood structure of any Holz100 part in combination with the reflecting and absorbing properties of the wood surface to a great degree minimise the permeability of the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.





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